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 Friday, October 23


Yeah, this is Bobby. I just saw on TV it listed all of the people who voted  against defunding sanctuary cities and against Gaetz law. It was democrats and senators including Bill Nelson that don’t want to defund sanctuary cities and they don’t want to give prison to violent criminals who have snuck into the country more than once including the one who killed Kate in San Francisco. I just thought everyone ought to remember that come election time. Thank you.


Saturday, October 24


This is Jerry and I am reading the article you had about the Vietnam show. I’m old and I’m a vet but why did you stop the article? Are you playing games with us vets are what? Come on let’s get it together Press Gazette. Let’s get it together. Bye


Editor’s note:  We apologize for the print error. It’s missing 6 words. The full story is online at www.srpressgazette.com.


Sunday, October 25


This is Marion, we voted for the new location of the courthouse to be at the present location. Tear down the old courthouse and establish the needs of a new one. Then hire an architect sum up the amount of stories it needs to be built. Wasteful spending sure needs to be stopped.