Dear Editor,


Several points that stuck out to me from the first part of Sec. Clinton's testimony.


1.  Obfuscation By Clinton. Clinton continuing to blame the dead Ambassador Stevens for lack of security, yet Stevens begged for extra security several times, yet refused by ClintonState Department, according to her testimony.


2.     Representative Jordan said, "Why did you tell Egyptian Prime Minister and your own family it was an Al Qaeda style attack,  yet publically you said it was because a video?"   Clinton’s answer was arrogant stonewalling with her suggesting he read her book.


3.  Hypocrisy. Clinton said Marines were there to Destroy sensitive materials. More lies.


4.  More Obfuscation

Clinton’s answer as to why her office received over 600 request for added security with no response. Her answer was, “Um, Um Um…we got all kinds of request from everywhere in the world."


By Clinton's own testimony, she was caught in her duplicity with several lies, and her obfuscating and trying to cover up and deflect from the truth. This is my humble take watching the first part of Hillary Clinton’s testimony in the Benghazi hearing.


May God help us, We the People to restore our constitutional representative republic.


Sam T. Mullins

Santa Rosa Co. Republican Executive Committee Chairman

Co-Founder Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots