Felonies reported in Santa Rosa County October 20 through October 26, 2015.

SRSO:  An arrest is not an indication of guilt.  The determination of guilt and innocence is ultimately the responsibility of the courts.


ABRAMS, GEORGE ARTHUR, 56, Youpon Street, Milton, probation violation

ATTAWAY, CHRISTOPHER LEE, 31, South Airport Road, Milton, battery, larceny, robbery

BAULT, JAMES LEROY, 23, Navarre, moving traffic violation, drug equipment-possess, smuggle contraband

BOYCE, SEAN CHRISTOPHER, 41, Statesville, NC, probation violation-felony, contempt of court

CAMPBELL, MARISSA LARAIN, 23, Celtic Circle, Milton, larceny, resist officer, drugs-possess, evidence destroying

CAMPBELL, ROBERT EVANS, 38, Pensacola, moving traffic violation, resist officer

COLLINS, KENNETH GEORGE, 23, Gulf Breeze, larceny

CORNING, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Lynn Haven, drugs-possess

FAULK, SYLVIA LOUISE, 57, Rockwood Drive, Pace, conditional release violation

HUGHES, LEWIS TODD, 38, Robertsdale, AL, larceny x2

JOHNSON, DONALD WAYNE, 60, Navarre, conditional release violation

JONES, DANDRE KEYSHAWN, 19, Pensacola, liquor-possess, drugs-possess

KOLBERG, TONYA LYNN, 39, Pace Lane, Pace, conditional release violation

LEE, JEREMIAH MICHAEL, 31, Sellers Drive, Milton, lewd lascivious behavior

MADDEN, RYAN STUART, 33, San Martino Street, Milton, drugs-possess x2, larceny x2, failure to appear, possession of weapon, drug equipment-possess

MADDEN, SHANNON MARIE, 40, Mulat Road, Pace, aggravated battery

NORRIS, DAVID ALLEN, 30, Cyanamid Road, Milton, fraud, larceny, stolen property-deal in

PITTMAN, QUINTON EDWARD, 22, Miller Road, Milton, aggravated assault-weapon, battery, damage property-criminal mischief

RAMSDELL, RYAN PHILIP, 21, Dove Drive, Pace, probation violation

REEVES, DAVID CHRISTOPHER, 53, Navarre, fraud-insufficient funds-check

SANDERS, TERRA LYNNE, 42, Stephens Road, Pace, failure to appear, larceny

SCALLION, SONNY LEE, 47, Belleville Court, Milton, sexual assault, lewd lascivious behavior

SCHEEL, STEPHANIE DAWN, 49, Ward Basin Road, Milton, drugs-produce, drugs-possess

SEYMORE, TERESA LYNN, 45, Ward Basin Road, Milton, drugs-deliver/distribute, drugs-possess

SIMMONS, ALTON RAY, 54, Ward Basin Road, Milton, withhold support, drugs-produce, drugs-possess

SINGSTOCK, DAVID ALEXANDER, 27, Navarre, burglary, larceny

SNEPERGER, JENNIFER DIANA, 33, Bradenton, probation violation

WALLIS DEBORAH LYNN, 45, Cecil Road, Pace, battery

WEATHERWAX, JAMES ALLAN, 30, Old Guernsey Road, Pace, failure to appear, robbery

WILSON, JON SPENCER, 47, Navarre, obscene material-possess

WOOTEN, SETH JAMES, 24, Park Avenue, Milton, damage property-criminal mischief, burglary, larceny