Jason Acock, a spokesperson with Sonic’s corporate office, said the pest issue has been handled. In a statement,  Acock said the  fast food restaurant’s operator has increased preventative  pest control measures and remains vigilant in continuing to resolve the issue. The restaurant is expected to undergo another inspection within the next seven days in order to confirm the issue has been resolved.


“While this drive-in has had a positive history of health inspections in the past, the owner takes food safety very seriously and all food safety issues are acted upon immediately.,” the press release stated.  “We appreciate the trust and confidence our customers place in SONIC every day to serve them delicious and safe food. We take pride in being a good community partner and are proud of the service our employees provide to customers every day in Milton and communities across the country.


On the same day of the October 12 closure, a Facebook post from John Raley stated he went to the restaurant for a beverage and was told by an employee the business was closed due to a gas leak. When asked about the gas leak, Acock said he was unaware of such an incident occurring at the time and he had been in communication with the restaurant’s management staff. 


Original story: 


A popular fast food restaurant in Milton became the latest local eatery to be shutdown by the state last week after failing its random inspection.  

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation announced Tuesday that the Sonic drive-through restaurant in Milton had been issued an emergency closure notice on Oct. 12. Throughout the state, 20 restaurants were shut down by the DBPR last week.

According to the DBPR report, 12 live cockroaches were found throughout the kitchen areas of the restaurant. Another roughly 50 dead cockroaches were also found in the kitchen.  

Attempts to contact the restaurant Tuesday were not successful.