Dear Editor,


Politics at work gives us political solutions, not real or true solutions. Removing guns from society will create just another black market for guns to be smuggled into our country from other countries. Trying to determine who is allowed to have a gun might have a small affect but a criminal will get what they want right up to the point they get caught. Government determining who can have access to a gun seems like a logical idea until you realize it was government who put a gun in the hand of a police officer that emptied a magazine of bullets into the back of a black man fleeing because of back child support. The officer then picked up his taser dropping it at the man's feet and filled out a false report. Government puts guns in the hands of drug cartels with its failed Fast and Furious program which caused deaths with firearms. It also releases violent criminals back into society everyday. Government is now embracing immigrants, not knowing who they are, to carryout their possible agenda of ‘Death to America’ (Americans). With 100,000 immigrates if 1 percent are terrorists or extremists that is possibly 1,000 shooters (a machete also works) who might average taking 3 lives when they act, that's 3,000 American deaths. This number almost matches those of 9/11 where the terrorists came here under Bill Clinton's liberal immigration policy. These deaths just don't happen on one day and in one place so the realization of what is happening has a lesser impact on Americans, unless of course it happens to be you or yours.

     If a American needs to be safe where would he run? How about a gun show. No robberies, no murders and to be fair I do remember one accidental shooting with a loss of life. I would take those odds if looking for safety. Or would you rather run to a Muslim mosque not realizing the person chasing you is a member of that mosque? And would they protect you each and every time you did so? 

     The liberal Democratic party is against guns, and 3/4 of the party is against Christianity. Since the late 60's or early 70's the agnostics, atheists and now Islamic portions of the party have been driving Christianity, through liberal supreme court rulings, from our society including our government, military and all schools. Has our society advanced with less violence and more respect among our peers? Or has society declined with more violence and less respect among our peers? When all morality is removed from society you now have a civilization with no morality. Government can't teach morality because it has no ethics. In a society without ethics citizens would want or need a weapon (gun) to protect itself. Or would you rely on government to save you? One may save your life, waiting on the other is almost certain death.

     A liberal government will not recognize or solve the problems until the administration itself looks in a mirror. Our founding fathers understood the problems government creates and warned us many times not to let government run free without the Checks and Balances of "We the People." With this understanding the founding fathers also offered us a fighting chance against all bad acts in society, including government's, when they (the people) gave us (the people) our 2nd Amendment.


Steven King