Dear Editor,


What has 4 ‘I’s  but can’t see? When I was a youngster the punch line was Mississippi. All of the ‘I’s were in one word and it was just a joke Today, the 4 ‘I’s are located at the beginning of the four words Iraq, Iran, Israel and Islam. But now, it’s no joke. I hear many television preachers talking about politics and trying to make some religious connection with these ‘I’s and end time Christian prophecy. This is fertile ground for many misconceptions and unwarranted worry. You can assume Iran will eventually ‘nuke’ Israel, but when reading prophecy you could be calling God a liar because He said He would protect Israel and punish those who are against her. If this were to happen, where would the 3rd Jewish temple be rebuilt? Many people would be in disbelief if that prediction couldn’t occur because there was no land to build it upon. Biblical end times is not about Islam taking over the Christian world. It is about the false prophet joining with a beast power (backed by Satan) to take over the world and wipe out Christians (remnant of the woman’s seed). If purported Christians are taken in the rapture, there’s no worry.

Politically and worldly, yes, there are 4 ‘I”s and it’s all a mess. Religiously, there are 4 ‘I’s and there’s nothing we need to see. Pray for world peace before Jesus Christ calls down the final curtain.


Joel Miller