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Thursday, Oct. 8

This is George, my view, my opinion. Obama is not black, Obama is Arab. Obama is not Christian, he is Muslim. Obama does not care about you and me. He is trying to do away with us, according to the Koran and I think that he lies. Anyway that is my view and my opinion. Wishing you all God’s blessings this day. Bye, bye.

Thursday, Oct. 8

 Hey this is Lori. A big problem in our community is the volume of pets finding themselves homeless. Our shelter is having a reduced fee on adoption of dogs Thursday, October 15th from 9 to 4. Please Santa Rosa open your hearts and homes. Can’t adopt ask about foster programs with super new rescues in our area. Thank you so much.


Sunday, Oct. 11


This is Tony the critic, in response to Steven King considering a post that I had made, which was a statement and not a question, So I must reply to this nonexistent question. Illogical is not subjective and not the rule of the land, unless you are Vladimir Putin. Evidently the FDOT does not agree and would consider your questions illogical. There are a few other areas you might consider illogical as well, but Speak out will not help you.