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October 4

Hi, Jim here. I’m sure everyone in this upper county of Santa Rosa has noticed all the vacant buildings in and around Milton, some big, some even bigger, big enough to put an all-you-can-eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sure, the building may need some up-to-date items. Why Pace? Why Pace, Pea Ridge area? Why did our elite county commissioners decide to put it there instead of Milton? Not to mention, Milton has gained another vacant building. People, you really need to see what’s happening to Milton when it comes to election time. Some men get voted in time after time. I’m pretty sure in the near future Milton is going to be nothing but a ghost town. Something needs to be done to get and draw new businesses here instead of moving businesses and having vacant buildings. Thank you for your time.



October 6

This is Mary, a concerned senior citizen. Two things to discuss: euthanasia, where someone a caretaker or a nurse or doctor can give a terminally ill person a dose of deadly medicine. I wonder if they know that sometimes terminally ill doesn’t know what they’re doing and that what they’re doing is murder. I hate to see it. It’s legalized in some states but people need to wake up. Also, I heard Donald Trump talking about again how old Obama was and where he was born. Well, Hawaii didn’t become a state until 1959. So how old is Obama? That’s what I want to know. Thank you.



    This is Steven King answering Tony the Critic. Questioning a illogical thought process of anyone including government is the people's right and that right is the only thought that keeps our government sane. When the government lowered the speed limit to 55 mph on all interstates, I am sure he obeyed that limit, and why did government raise them up to 70 mph which is 5 mph less than the original 75 mph? A 35 mph speed limit dictated by government on our interstates would also be acceptable. If 55 mph is a acceptable speed for a rural two lane highway, it's acceptable for a rural four lane highway until you get closer to I-10. I know there are people exceeding 55 on that stretch of road. They deserve to be ticketed but the 45 mph speed limit is illogical for that situation which is why they are called speed traps.


October 7

Hi this is Jerry. I just read the article on the Avalon extension for completion date. There should have been fines imposed on this contractor last year and have them pay severely for each day that they are not meeting their completion date. As far as the subsurface comment by Blanton. This is what you do prior to even bidding on a contract is you go out there and you take samples and you go just as deep as you want to find out what those samples reveal. This company is rotten to the core. Thank you.



 October 7

Yeah this is Bobby. I keep reading and hearing about the county commission and they want to raise ad valorem taxes if they can’t get the sales tax. Well they ought to work on the sales tax so everybody pays. If they raise the ad valorem tax where only the property owners pay it, I’m going to keep a list of every one of their names, regardless of what else they do, and I’m going to do my best to get everyone to vote them out of office just to prove a point. We’ll probably get somebody just as bad, but they still need to go if they add more taxes on the property owners. Thank you.

Hey, this is Oscar. I wanted to being out something that I received about this franchise fee we pay on our light bill. Here is the way it reads. It says, “Certain municipalities and counties grant Gulf Power the right to construct, erect, suspend or so forth a system of poles and towers necessary are described for the transmission, distribution or sales of electricity for all purposes whatsoever can all streets, alley ways, so forth in such municipalities. In returns, Gulf Power a franchise fee for the privilege a fee is established beyond the ordinance by the city.” Of course we’re not in the city. We’re in the county. “This fee is levied upon Gulf Power. Gulf is allowed by the board of public service commission to pass the tax on to the customer. There are no exceptions granted on this tax.” Now, they call that a tax. If it’s a tax, you’re capable of writing it off on your income tax at the end of the year. So the county here has slapped that franchise tax on to the public. As I understand it, they give it to Gulf Power and Gulf Power turns right around and charges us for it and they call it a fee. They don’t call it a tax. It’s not listed as a tax on the light bill. That’s what I want to find out, why. If it’s a tax to the city, … Either they have misrepresented the county by telling the public service commission they can pass it on this tax. If the public service commission says it’s a tax, it’s a tax, all right? Why isn’t it a tax on the county? We’re not in the city. So what goes here? That’s what I want to find out. Thank you very much.


October 8

Yeah this is Bobby. I don’t know if anybody else has anything to say about how high the gas is but I was in Atmore last Wednesday, one week ago and it was $1.95. I gassed up here, Monday. It was $2.16. Today, Thursday, I came by and it was $2.29. So that’s about 35 cents in a week. I haven’t heard of all the oil wells blowing up or anything like that so I don’t’ know what the problem is. Thank you.