Dear Editor,


I am submitting a copy of my letter to Commissioner Salter.


Dear Mr. Salter


 As per our conversation during the last Santa Rosa County Commissioners meeting, when I petitioned the Board of County Commissioners to allow the north end of the Santa Rosa County to have equal rights to sell alcohol on Sundays as the south end of the county.  You requested that I bring this to you formally to place this on the next Board of County Commissioners agenda.  You will recall, that as a business owner in the north end of the county, it is very disparaging to see my peers in the south end of the county being given special privileges as to alcohol sales on Sunday.  Additionally, as per Federal Regulations, this fringes on the violation and inhibition of free economic trade.  Certainly, as the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, and as a gentleman you would agree the disparity that exists in our County is unfair and unconstitutional. We should not set the example for the rest of the State of Florida to be known as the "County of Double Standards."  I appreciate all the years of service you have given our county during your tenure as a County Commissioner, and wish to hopefully support your future efforts.  I would ask you to consider my request to place on the next County Commissioners agenda the privilege to sell alcohol in the north end of the county as is the same courtesy that is extended in the south end. Equal rights for all.




 Dr. Michael Rinaldi