Felony arrests reported from September 29 through October 5, 2015

SRSO:  An arrest is not an indication of guilt.  The determination of guilt and innocence is ultimately the responsibility of the courts.

CARTER, DANYA DAASHAWN, 23, Miller Road, Milton, battery, kidnap-false imprisonment, resist officer, conditional release violation

CLARK, MICHAEL LEE, 44, RobinsonPointRoad, Milton, fraud

CORBIN, BRANDON CLAY, 26, Cantonment, drugs-possess, marijuana-possess, drug equipment-possess

CRUZ, JOSHUA JAMES, 26, Navarre, moving traffic violation, probation violation

DEAN, MARY JOYCE, 28, Brooks Lane, Pace, failure to appear

DIEDRICH, VERNON WILLIAM, 38, Navarre, probation violation, failure to appear

DOCHERTY, JOHN HOMER, 34, Cantonment, moving traffic violation, possession of weapon, larceny, drug equipment-possess

ESSEX, WILLIAM SCOTT, 43, WebsterSprings, West Virginia, fail to reg as sex offender

FOWLER, RYAN HARLEY, 21, Traci Drive, Milton, battery

HANKERSON, WILLIE, 38, Navarre, probation violation, drugs-possess, drug equipment-possess

JACK-FULLER, JONAH ROBERT, 35, Shalimar, failure to appear

JERNIGAN, RANDALL EARL, 50, Whiting Field Circle, Milton, aggravated assault-weapon

JUSTIN, CHRISTOPHERSEAN, 41, Bradley Drive, Pace, probation violation

KENDRICK, ROGER DALE, 42, Mobile, AL, probation violation

LEVER, KENNETH DION, 50, LancasterGate Drive, Pace, out-of-state fugitive

MARTIN, JOHN WESLEY, 45, homeless, drugs-possess, drug equipment-possess

MITCHELL, GABRIEL JOSEPH, 36, homeless, DUI-Unlawful blood alcohol, marijuana-possess, drug equipment-possess

PAGE, EDWARD TOMARIOUS, 37, PebbleRidge Drive, Milton, fraud-insufficient funds checks, fraud

RAINWATERS, CHARLES ANDREW, 36, Pensacola, burglary, larceny

REVANS, BRANDON JOSEPH, 30, Navarre, probation violation

RILEY, ISAAC DANIAL, 24, homeless, probation violation

RUIZ, FRANKLIN BUDDY, 50, Navarre, aggravated assault-weapon

RUSSELL, BRANDI RAE, 39, Navarre, drugs-possess, marijuana-possess, drug equipment-possess

STERLING, JAMES DEVIN, 22, Oneida Trail, Milton, probation violation

THOMAS, BARRY SCOTT, 45, Highland Blvd., Pace, probation violation

WHITE, NATASHA EILEEN, 33, Fairview Drive, Milton, probation violation