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September 28

My name is Betsy Dodson. I’m representing the First Presbyterian Church in Milton, Florida. While the Santa Rosa Historical Society, the Milton Historical Preservation Board, and the City of Milton are all fighting about the Fisher Hamilton building getting a historical sign, I’d like to know why we can’t get a sign for our church. Our church was established in 1868. We’re 147 years old. We’re the oldest church in Milton, and the Fisher Hamilton building is not that old. We’ve talked to Vernon Compton and our clerk of sessions has called and emailed people and gets no response and we just wonder why we’re being left out. Thank you.



September 28

Hi, this is Mike in Milton. I have a suggestion. Let’s bulldoze downtown Milton. Heck with four lanes. Let’s make it ten lanes that way all the whiners and crybabies can get to Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot or wherever they need to go and get there at 80 miles an hour. While we’re at it, let’s bulldoze the Veteran’s Memorial Park that way we can make it family friendly and not tell little kids that people died so they can get to the new Chuckie Cheese faster. I guess my other suggestion would be if you want skyscrapers, traffic, and all kinds of other smog move to Los Angeles or New York. Other than that, you just need to shut up. Thank you very much.


September 30

Tony the concerned critic here. Concerning the speed limit on Avalon. If one adheres to the posted limit, he or she will not find themselves in the trap i.e. pulled over. However, there are so many speeders on Avalon our police force is ill-equipped to handle the sheer volume, so for the most part they stay away. Thanks, bye.