What's on your mind, Santa Rosa?

Friday, September 25


I see in today’s News Journal, they want to try and pass a law to keep politicians from accepting bribes whether in their campaign fund or however to all contractors. I think this is joke trying to make a politician honest. All you have to do is look at what the politician’s net worth was before he went into office and what is net worth is after he has been in office for awhile. He didn’t get this money by doing everything that is good morals and legal. I think our state attorney ought to look into some of the things going on in this county, I think one of the big things is the ECUA, I think we ought to see where the under the table money went in this contract. They are not providing any funds to help our roads. Thank you.


Saturday, September 26


This is Chandler, so the county is going to raise the gas tax to 12 cents. They don’t tell you that they get the state gas tax money also. When the county took over the road department from the state and made them the county roads that they get the state money too. Therefore, the money for Highway 90 comes from the federal, state and county. For all federal highways, such as I-10, 90 and 87 these are the state roads, their money comes from the federal tax as well as county, but the people of the county needs is to make the county commissioners to put the road money in a separate account and keep it out of general funds to which they cannot use it for anything except the roads. Look at Escambia county all roads are state roads, they have no road department. All of their roads are four lanes, because all of the money goes to the state in the state roads and the state money to which they use from state, federal and county. I don’t know how exactly they operate this thing. It should be in a separate fund. The people of Santa RosaCounty should know it is in a separate fund and know exactly where this money is going. They always say they don’t have enough money, well that is not so. They are getting federal money, grant money they get, state money, they get county tax payers money. Thank you.


Saturday, September 26


Yeah this is Bobby. I read in the Saturday Press Gazette about the Fisher Hamilton building. It sounds like in there Rob Williamson is saying let’s wait and make a decision, so we will make sure it matches the city. If you are waiting from the city council then what do we need the county commissioners and the city council for? They should have backbone to make their own decision of what it should be. If you are going to let the city make all of your deciding, then they are going to decide where to put the county courthouse and I guess they will tell the county what to do with it. Thank you.