Felonies reported September 22 through September 28

SRSO:  An arrest is not an indication of guilt.  The determination of guilt and innocence is ultimately the responsibility of the courts.


ACKMAN, SCOTT ALLEN, 30, Pensacola, possession of weapon

ANDERSON, JUSTIN RICHARD, 25, Windham Road, Milton battery, aggravated battery, obstructing justice

BEAUCHEMIN, JOEL ANTHONY, 22, Navarre, larceny, robbery

BRAGG, JESSE LEE, 36, Pensacola, probation violation

BRALEY, MERTON SCOTT, 35, Gulf Breeze, possession of weapon, drugs-possess, drug equipment-possess

BRYANT, ALEX FRANKLIN, 30, Cantonment, probation violation

DOUGLAS, TIFFANY MICHELLE, 25, DeatonBridge Road, Holt, probation violation

DOYLE, JEFFREY SHANNON, 36, Dothan, AL, non-moving traffic violation, drugs-possess, drug equipment-possess

FERGUSON, STANTON GAUGE, 18, Hiram, GA, marijuana-possess

FORSELL, CHAD SLY, 21, transient, larceny, fraud-illegal use of credit cards, probation violation

GEBHARD, ROY GARRETT, 18, Twin Creek Circle, Pace, flee/elude police

GOODYEAR, MICHAEL ALAN, 50, Carroll Road, Milton, battery

HASKELL, DYLAN RAWLINSON, 18, Oak Forest Drive, Milton, out-of-state fugitive

HERNANDEZ ROMERO, RAMON ANTONIO, 30, homeless, probation violation

JORDAN, COLETON LOUIS, 19, Lynn Drive, Pace, flee/elude police, resist officer

JORDAN, STEVEN DUANE, 36, Navarre, failure to appear, probation violation

KINSEY, RANDOLPH EDWARD, 37, Devine, TX, sexual assault, family offense x2

MANNING, RODGER ANTHONY, 30, Baker, FL, probation violation

MCCULLEY, JASON AARON, 25, Lambert Lane, Milton, trespassing, aggravated assault-weapon x2

MONTFORD, JOHN GARFIELD, 37, Tupelo Lane, Milton, drugs-possess

MOORE, MICHELLE PAULINE, 26, Gulf Breeze, probation violation, drugs-possess

ROBINSON, BRIAN LAMAR, 38, homeless, larceny

RODRIGUE, MATTHEW SCOTT, 30, Tallahassee, DUI-Unlawful blood alcohol x2, cocaine-possess, smuggle contraband

ROGALSKI, JANET LUANN, 44, Holley Pines Lane, Milton, probation violation

SHAW, ARTHUR THOMAS, 19, Gulf Breeze, conditional release violation

SHEHANE, BENJAMIN FREDERICK, 38, Highway 89, Milton, assault, resist officer

SHEPPARD, CHELSEAELISE, 30, Cantonment, larceny, fraud-impersonate, fraud-illegal use of credit cards

STRICKLAND, MATTHEW SCOTT, 40, Permenter Road, Milton, larceny, vehicle theft

VALLE, FELIX ULISES, 55, Navarre, lewd lascivious behavior

VONBURG, THOMAS KIRK, 35, NavarreBeach, larceny, forgery, resist officer, disorderly intox, marijuana-possess

WILSON, WAYNEEDMOND, 40, Monticello, FL, conditional release violation

YATES, JENNA MARIE, 27, Lincoln, AL, failure to appear, drugs-possess