Dear Editor,


Recently, we had either sewer or new water pipes installed part of the way down East Spencer Field Road. I don’t know the construction company’s name or the exact work that was done because I didn’t think it would be necessary to know such information. However, I do know the end results because it affects our daily lives. We were promised, by two different workers, everything would be left like they found it. They would take our fence down and put it up again. Our driveway would have white rock, our culvert would be replaced and the area re-seeded with grass.

The first problem began when they dug the ditch for the pipes, seeded the ground and dug the holes again and re-seeded the grass. We had a new chain link fence put up a year ago. They did as they said, took the fence down and replaced it but it was crooked. They fired the first crew and another crew re-set the fence. This time it was better but the gates are still incorrect. The culvert was not replaced and the first time I drove out of the drive the dip was so step the front end of the car hit the dirt and I had to back up and drive out in an angle. They added more dirt but no culvert and when it rains we have a river of water. We can’t walk to our mailbox until the water recedes. We did get white rock in our driveway but it is only on our property line and stops just outside the fence. Even if we raked it up to the road it wouldn’t be enough because our driveway was flat. We are still waiting for more rock to go up to the road. Our neighbors had their cement driveways replaced twice because it was either too high or too low. They received sod. We received something that should be in the pasture for the cows to eat. It grows so tall it comes up to my shoulders with big seeds on top and when it grows in the fence line the weed eater can cut it down but the seeds remain embedded in the fence.

We are senior citizens and my husband is in poor health. There is an abandoned house to the south of us and the grass does not get cut unless the countyprisoners come by and cut it which is not only a blemish but an invitation to all sorts of critters to move in. They did some work on Berryhill Road and areas where it is undeveloped received nice sod next to the road. The tax payers have a right to know who their hard earned tax dollars are being spent.

I’ll be at the fence pulling up more grass.


Sandra Oekten