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Hi, my name is Bob. I think we need some new kind of leaders up there that way we wouldn’t need a 12 cent gas tax that they’re trying to put on the tax payers right now.


This is Mary, a concerned senior citizen. Listen to the candidates for president. I find that some of them really have a problem criticizing what the others say. You know, when this doctor, when he spoke out against having a Muslim president, he was right. That would be the end of our country. So why would any of the candidates speak against him? Are they for a Muslim president? I think some of them got their ideas all mixed up.


Yes, the next time you see a police officer, shake their hand and give them a thank you. Last night we had a woman officer come to our door checking to see if we called 911. Someone had either pocket dialed 911 or actually called it and they were actually out knocking on the doors trying to find them. Just thank them. Thank you.


Yeah this is Bobby. I keep reading in the paper about Sunday liquor sales. Well I don’t even drink but it seems kind of silly to me to have one law on the island so now they’ve got it on Navarre, too. But in Milton, you’ve got to get two or three guys on the county commission to give special approval to decide whether or not you can sell liquor on Sunday. They should just put it on the ballot next time and let everybody vote up or down, either throw alcohol back out of the county or agree to have it seven days a week. It’s ridiculous. That’s like you’re a little child and somebody’s going to tell you, “Well, you’re worthy to do it or you’re not worthy.” Thank you.