Milton, Pace and Pensacola business owners and managers are poised to attend a September 28 event designed to help them deal with the increasingly complex problems of conducting business in an increasingly digital world. Raul Vielma, a digital expert and Channel Manager at Propel Marketing, Inc. will be the keynote speaker at the free event, which begins at 2 p.m. in the Russell building on the campus of LocklinTechnicalCenter.

           The Press Gazette brought Vielma to the area to answer business leaders' questions about "all things digital,” said Jim Fletcher, Press Gazette publisher. Fletcher said, "Once, a business could open, do a little advertising and people would flock to their doors. Things have changed. More and more, the internet has become the marketplace that was once downtown. Businesses know they need to be on the web, but don't know how to get people to visit their sites. It's like building a gorgeous new storefront, but building it out in the country with no directions on how to get there. The website does little good if you don't drive traffic to it."

           Propel Marketing is one of the largest digital marketing services in the country. It offers a wide range of services to small and medium-sized businesses. Watch this video to see more about Propel.

           In the 60- to 90-minute session, Vielma will cover topics like: A web presence, do you have one?, Being found before your competitors, Where should you send them once they click? and To Facebook or not to Facebook.

           The classes are being kept small so Vielma will have time for one-on-one questions at the end of the event. In past events, questions have dealt with search engine optimization, social media optimization, website creation, retargeting, Facebook, email advertising and how to increase the open-rates of emails and much more, according to Fletcher.    "This quick talk is certain to help business leaders understand the ever-changing world of the internet," he said.

           There is no charge for this event, but organizers ask those who would like to attend to register, so the attendance can be kept small. To do so, click here to fill out the registration form or call 623-2120.

           Locklin Vo-Tech is located at 5330 Berryhill Road in Milton. Similar events will be held later in the week in nearby locations like Ft.Walton beach and Destin.