A doctor employed by White Wilson Medical Center in Navarre was arrested Sunday on charges of battery and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Christopher Brian Cave, 45, was taken into custody early Sunday morning when he told Santa Rosa County deputies he wouldn’t speak to them without an attorney present, an incident report said.

Santa Rosa deputies had approached Cave at a Navarre area Waffle House after receiving reports of a battery, the report said.

Joseph Tyler had earlier told the officers that he was “having a few drinks at the [Juana’s] pagoda bar, when two white males approached him and began to punch him,” according to the report.

Another witness confirmed Tyler’s story that he was the victim of an assault.

Officers approached Cave and another man at the Waffle House because they “matched the description of the subjects in the earlier battery,” the report said.

“I went to talk to the subjects to see what had occurred at Juana’s Pagoda,” the deputy said in his report. “Their wives immediately stated we won’t talk to you without lawyers present.”

The officer reported that because Cave refused to speak to him regarding the fight at Juana’s, he placed him under arrest on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery.

As he was being frisked prior to the arrest, officers located “a one hit pipe and a small amount of marijuana,” the report said.

Two more misdemeanor drug charges were added to the battery charge, it said.

White-Wilson officials confirmed they were aware of the arrest and were looking into it.

“White-Wilson is taking all action to investigate this situtation and act appropriately,” the statement from Andi Mahoney, APR, Marketing and PR Director for White-Wilson Medical Center said.

“Any other information regarding this issue must come from Dr. Cave.”