Dear Editor,   


   The liberal left are now jumping on the bandwagon in regards to the 4 million refuges from Iraq and Syria. They state we created the problem and should be part of the solution. Yet, I thought the solution was and is having a country, their country, they can live in without the fear of persecution. The situation didn't exist until Barack intentionally withdrew our troops because he did not want to reach a status of forces agreement with Iraq.

     If the liberal left democrats believe in sharing the responsibility of the world's refuges,  the 12 to 20 million refuges who the they describe as fleeing gang, drug lord and civil unrest in South America should be relocated to other parts of the world. This allows other countries to share in this refuge influx into America. I'm completely ready to get behind this liberal philosophy, we can start with 10 to 15 million of illegal immigrates so they can begin a new life in countries that also support this liberal thought. Thanks liberals for this great solution.


Steven King