Friday, Sept. 11


Yeah, this is Gene out in Pace. I just got off the phone with Bill Nelson’s office in Orlando. He supports the Iran treaty 100 percent. He does not care if Iran calls us ‘the great Satan.’ He does not care if Israel is going to be destroyed soon, according to Iran. He said he supports it because, it’s a good thing. He is re-running for his senate office, we need to kick him out, period. Anybody who supports this is crazy. Only 12 percent of Americans are supporting this treaty. Twelve percent of American are crazy, but over 51 percent of them voted for Obama, so what can I say? They want to destroy Israel soon and they want to call us ‘the great state of Satan’ and destroy us. Well, lets help them out. Thank you.


Saturday, Sept.12


This is George to Mark, I am reading the September 12 Speakout and Mark you say the Confederate flag represents slavery, horrible things happening to women and children. It does not and you must have slept through the history class, it is merely a symbol of the southern army, which had a few, and I emphasize a few, disturbed soldiers who are guilty of these crimes.


Sunday, Sept. 13


  Yeah, this is Bobby. I heard on Channel Three this morning that a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested, but they are not going to release his picture. So what is the deal with that? They release everybody else’s picture. I don’t get it. Thank you.


Sunday, Sept. 13


This is Mary, a concerned senior citizen. I would like to say about the Confederate flag. You need to go back to the old history books and study about the Civil War. There were blacks as well as whites that fought to protect their home for the south and their freedom and it is not a flag of hate. It is a flag that shows the history of our country. If you do away with this you are doing away with our history and go back and study and see before you back and make a decision, okay.