The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office invited five-year-old Stefan Skechak to visit after a story shared on SRSO’s Facebook page. His mother, Tabitha Skechak, wrote she and Stefan wore Captain America shirts in honor of Deputy Goforth, who  was killed in Texas in the line of duty and Deputy Sample who directs traffic in front of S. S. Dixon. The Skechaks received the invitation after SRSO Public Information Officer shared the story through the department. At the station, Tabitha and Stefan took a thorough tour of the facility. Stefan’s father, a law enforcement officer with the Department of Agriculture, was on duty at the time. Tabitha said her son has always been fascinated with police officers and watches the television shows Cops and Paw Patrol. Along the tour, Stefan met deputies and corrections officers, operated the lights and sirens in two patrol vehicles, asked about some of the historical pictures in the lobby, and pictured here, learned how to operate a set of real handcuffs. Aloy also presented Stefan with a box of goodies including a plastic deputy’s hat, coloring books, mints, and a bicycle helmet.