Felonies reported September 1 through September 7, 2015

SRSO:  An arrest is not an indication of guilt.  The determination of guilt and innocence is ultimately the responsibility of the courts.


BARRETT, EVAN EDRICK, 22, Navarre, damage property-criminal mischief x3, burglary x5, larceny x2

BOREN, DAVID ALAN, 39, Antietam Road, moving traffic violation

BRIDGES, RONNIE JERMAINE, 25, Jeff Ates Road, Milton, smuggle contraband into prison

CANNON, DERICK ANTHONY, 32, no address given, public order crimes, aggravated assault-weapon, kidnap, larceny x2, robbery

DICE, DELMAR DEE, 50, Phylis Rae Drive, Pace, arson

DOUGLAS, NICHOLE LYNN, 32, Ft.WaltonBeach, failure to appear

EDWARDS, DOMINIQUE GENISE, 28, Julia Drive, Milton, battery, burglary

GERICH, LAWRENCE CHRISTOPHER, 41, N. 38th Avenue, Milton, failure to appear x2, conditional release violation, DUI-Unlawful blood alcohol x2, moving traffic violation x2

GROOMS, NATHANIAL DAVID, 31, Gulf Breeze, battery

HARDISON, DANIEL MATTHEW, 20, Destin, lewd lascivious behavior

HARRIS, BRANDIS NICHOLE, 34, Brooks Lane, Pace, probation violation

JAMET, CAROL ANN, 45, Gulf Breeze, probation violation, moving traffic violation

KERNS, CHRISTOPHER KEVIN, 28, Crestview, probation violation x2

LADD, LADARYNAL DESMOINE, 35, Gulf Breeze, obstructing justice, probation violation

LOCKHART, STUART LEE, 22, Pensacola, probation violation

MCDONALD, STEVEN TRAVIS, 35, Miami, FL, aggravated battery, smuggle contraband into prison

MENEFEE, JOSHUA JAE, 33, Old Guernsey Road, Pace, vehicle theft

MILBURY, LAUREN NICOLE, 28, Larriet Street, Milton, drugs-possess

MILLER, SPENSER DANIEL, 25, Plant Avenue, Pace, damage property-criminal mischief, burglary, larceny

MOBLEY, DUSTY COURTNEY, 34, Holt, drugs-possess

MONTGOMERY, MATTHEW FRANKLIN, 20, LakeWorth, FL, probation violation

ODOMS RANKINE, CHRISTOPHER THEADOUS ARMOND, 24, Pensacola, damage property-criminal mischief, burglary, larceny

PARISE, JAMES THOMAS, 43, Willis Way, Milton, larceny

PEETERSE, CHARLES DANIEL, 36, Lois Drive, Pace, resist officer, failure to appear x3, larceny x4, moving traffic violation, trespassing

PRICE, CARLA RENA, 36, Molino, drugs-possess

PURCELL, KENNETH WILLIAM, 32, Cottage Woods Drive, Milton, moving traffic violation, probation violation

REED, STEVEN DOUGLAS, 35, Navarre, conditional release violation

RUSSELL, BRANDI RAE, 39, Navarre, drugs-possess, drug equipment-possess

SHAW, CHRISTOPHER JAMES, 25, Wachula, health-safety

VEGA MORALES, NORO JOSE, 20, Snellville, GA, larceny, fraud-illegal use of credit cards

VENTURO, BRANDON JOSHUA, 29, St.Valrico, FL, carrying concealed weapon, fraud-impersonate, resist officer

WAGNER, DONNA LOU MOATS, 55, Danville, WV, crimes against elderly person

WHITTAKER, RICHARD DALE, 28, Cox Road, Milton, moving traffic violation, possession of weapon, drugs-possess, cocaine-possess

WILSON, KACY EUGENE, 21, Shreveport, LA, out-of-state fugitive

WINSLOW, ASHLEY LYNN, 21, Admiral Halsey Court, Milton, aggravated assault-weapon, battery