Dear Editor,

      Israel now stands alone in the face of Iran's evil thoughts and actions. Republicans have relinquished their power of Congressional oversight with what a liberal President describes as a Presidential agreement. Yet what Barack is altering is also a Congressional overseen document passed by a simple majority of Congress with a concurring signature of a past President. How Republicans got talked into a 2/3 overrule vote to nullify this agreement is beyond me. The world governments involved and the U.N. recognize this so-called agreement as a treaty because they don't recognize a Presidential agreement. Now Republican Presidential candidates are standing up and saying what they will do if elected. My question is what will the rest of the world and Israel do after Barack leaves office? Where does that leave the Constitution in regards to any past active sanctions directed at a deserving sanctioned country? When will the progressive Republican party of Congress stand up and fight for its powers being delegated to a unconstitutional liberal President that dictated to Congress it only has a 2/3 overrule option to deny the agreement.

     Democrats now have and own the responsibility for Iran's proliferation of nuclear weapons or any proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. If a nucleararms race begins within that area then it does so with the democrats blessing of this agreement. Here in this country democrats want to take law abiding citizen's guns while overseas they offer up nuclear weapons to a criminal regime of terror and hate. As Hillary Clinton said "At this point what difference does it make if" it's this year, next year or ten years before Iran has a bomb? The democrats admitted the Iranian's had already gone beyond the U.N. guidelines with what they were already doing. Now I am sure Iran will follow this Barack (I walk on water) Obama treaty or agreement that leaks water faster than a bucket without a bottom. Now the democrats have gotten what they want, the chance to vilify Israel when they, standing alone, must make a decision in regards to its future existence. One small nuclear bomb will end its existence and the bomb just needs to be placed in  close proximity of the Israeli border. It doesn't even have to be launched as a missile warhead from Iran. Now it is just terrorism and Iran just denies as the democrats deny their actions with no accountability. 


Steven King