Cheever charged with grand theft motor vehicle, grand theft firearm

Arthur Lee Cheever, 21, Niceville was arrested last week after being on the run from Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office since September, 2013. Cheever was charged with resisting officer without violence, larceny, petit theft 2nd degree first offense x5, fraud-impersonation, give false information to retain refund x3, burglary, unoccupied dwelling unarmed, larceny, grand theft less than $5,000, larceny grand theft firearm, and grand theft motor vehicle. Sheriff reports said Cheevers was walking into Wal-Mart, lifting items and taking them to customer service for a refund on several occasions. One warrant report said at Wal-Mart, Navarre Parkway, Cheevers approached the asset protection officer and made an ‘I’m watching you’ gesture with his hand. Reports said Wal-Mart provided a case file including DVD’s, statements, photographs and copies of documents relating to Cheever’s alleged shoplifting spanning seven months. SRSO also had a warrant for theft of a truck, firearm, bicycle, and scooter.

Reports said Cheever stole the scooter at one residence and drove it until it ran out of fuel. He then parked the scooter at another residence and stole a bicycle. At this point, reports said he found a truck unlocked and with the keys inside and took the vehicle, leaving the bicycle in its place. Reports said Cheever drove his friend to a drug counseling session, saying the truck was lent to him by someone working off shore. Also, reports said Cheever intentionally hit deer with the stolen truck and backed into them to make sure they were dead. He bragged to friends about running from law enforcement and ditched the truck along with the gun, although reports said he told witnesses deputies almost found the firearm. Deputies said the truck was eventually located without the gun in Holley. The vehicle did not have the original tag. Cheever’s fingerprint was found on the outside of the truck. Reports also said a witness told deputies the firearm may be buried at a residence near a trailer in Navarre where Cheever was eventually arrested. Reports said the firearm investigation is still ongoing. Upon being taken into custody, deputies were alerted to his whereabouts in a mobile home in Navarre. Reports said Cheever ran from deputies but they were able to subdue him. Cheevers was taken to Santa Rosa County Jail and held with $35,500 bond.