Jay High School Royals were on the field Wednesday practicing ball handling and tackling. Royals Coach Kent Smith and his coaching staff pushed the students hard to be ready for by all accounts a tough season in a tough district.

Smith looked past the helmet of one player and asked, "Are you going to give great effort?"

"Yes, sir," the young man said. Reminding the athletes of the possibility of not making the team or a starting position, he asked potential blockers, slamming against others holding pads, "Why aren't you going as hard as you can go? You don't want to be on the field?" Later noting a youth's good form he said, "You're technically sound if you get your intensity up."

Smith said no positions are set since it was only the second day of practice on the field, but he did say, "We're stronger in the weight room." He said, "They have good attitudes and they're working hard." Smith said some offensive players to look out for were Tucker Harrington, Allen Mitchum, and Clay Brown. Smith also said previous safety Eric Trevino is making a run at the QB position.

The coach said he wants his players stronger, more physical than last year. "We have to find some kids that can play secondary. We need to get some depth." "If they're going to play hard and stay healthy, then it'll be a good year," Smith said.