Dear Editor,


I have attended several meetings this election cycle; listening to campaign talks about how qualified candidates are for the job they seek. The most glaring fault of most is the overkill of the expression ‘I think...’

Who cares what a candidate thinks? I want to hear what the candidate knows. What solutions the candidate has for improving our school district. Not that it needs much with the exception of ridding itself of federal control.

On that point, only one has been vocal about getting rid of the Federal Department of Education: Debbie Ginnoe. On Thursday, the four candidates for District 3 spoke at a forum and I heard three candidates say ‘I think.’ It was repeated like some people add ‘you know.’ If I knew, why are you telling me? Again, Debbie Ginnoe is the only candidate I recall that did not tell us what she ‘thinks.’ I urge voters to attend these forums; listen carefully to what the candidate says.


Bill Bledsoe, Milton