A woman goes into a gym but doesn't want to bring her purse because she doesn't have a locker or can't keep it within eye view.  She takes off her jewelry and places it in the safest place she knows, her purse.  She puts it in the floor of the car, thinking it's hidden and safe...or is it? 

Milton Police Department reports this very incident happened on Monday evening along with five other thefts.  A total of six cars burglarized and six windows smashed.  One victim lost her purse, which included her engagement ring.   

Captain David Cox, Milton police department says the thieves were after purses and it seems to be a one time thing.  Three of the burglaries Monday night were at Texas Roadhouse and the other three across Highway 90 at Anytime Fitness.   

Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office (SRSO) says car burglaries have increased. SRSO Deputy Rich Aloy says within the past year there were 303 automobile burglaries and with an exception of a few limited incidences, he says most were overnight.

"Lock your car," Aloy stresses.  "Keep all valuables or anything you want to keep from sight."

He says people need to get used to locking cars and keeping things out of the car that's valuable to them.  Never leave firearms, wallets, purses, cell phones, or cash in view. 

"I see it everyday," he says.

A car being broken into by force, he says, is a rarity.  To keep it from happening, Aloy says when out shopping or going to the gym lock valuables in the trunk of the car before you get to your destination.  He says the thief could be watching when drivers pull up to park.

"They're smarter than you think," he says.  "A large towel over an item in the back seat is a giveaway."

Aloy says this is one crime where the victim has options to prevent it from happening.