A suspicious license plate spotted by authorities in East Milton led to the arrest of a construction worker this week after the traffic stop uncovered more, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

William Nolan, 35 of Harold, was driving westbound on Highway 90 in Milton. Deputy Andrew Stone ran the tag number of the blue Chevy pickup truck Nolan was driving. The tag number was assigned to another vehicle, a white Ford.

The deputy pulled Nolan over at the intersection of Ross Street and Johnson Road. Nolan was advised why he was pulled over and was asked to show his identification and proof of insurance.

Nolan told authorities he could not provide registration because the vehicle was not registered and the tag was from another vehicle. The 35-year-old had a license that had been suspended twice in July of this year for failure to pay traffic fines.

Deputy Stone noticed there was a surgical clamp attached to the side of the seat. He asked Nolan if there was anything else in the vehicle that would get the man in trouble.

Nolan responded, there was a marijuana cigarette in dash tray. The deputy retrieved the cigarette with the man's permission.

Nolan was arrested and transported to the Santa Rosa County jail. He was charged with attaching tag not assigned, driving while license suspended, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. He was given a bond of $2,000.