The football stands were full of Patriot supporters who were ready to watch their football team defeat Ft. Walton Beach 31-17. Assistant Principal Herb Cannon said, “This homecoming week has been awesome.  This week is more than just about academics; it is about building unity and pride. Our students stepped up to make all the weeks special activities go smoothly.”

Nothing could be sweeter, than a win in front of a standing room only 2013 Pace Homecoming crowd.   With only 6:12 on the clock during the first quarter the Pace Patriots scored their first touchdown of the night. The Patriots would continue to win their second game in a row, 31-17. Senior Austin Harris and Taz Anderson both had successful sacks. Junior Dillion Draugh was credited with nine tackles and Junior Quaide Weimerskirch rushed for 258 yards and added a touchdown for the Patriots. Brett Birmingham #30 a sophomore added 3 touchdowns along with Trey Steelman’s seven kick points.