An East Milton woman returned home one day last week to an unfamiliar, green car parked behind her residence with two people inside she did not know and she entered her house to a chemical odor, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

There was a white male and white female in the car, parked behind her house. She briefly exchanged words with the male in the vehicle before going inside her home.

Her boyfriend, 28-year-old Alex Bryant, was at the kitchen sink.. There was an open window above the sink, with a fan blowing air out of the building in the 4500 block of Belleville Ct., directly off of Hickory Hammock Road.

The report states there was a heavy chemical smell in the building. Bryant was told authorities were going to be called, so he left and exited the trailer. As Bryant was walking away, the woman found a glass pipe from Bryant's back pocket. She asked him where the drugs were, and he responded, "In the green car that just left."

Bryant then bolted, running south toward Hickory Hammock Road.

Authorities arrived at the residence, discovering methamphetamine-manufacturing materials. The woman gave authorities consent to search the premises, stating the items were not there when she left earlier that morning.

The strong odor was determined to be paper towels that had been soaked in camping fuel, which were discovered in a trash can.

A check of Bryant's background revealed that he had numerous purchases of pseudoephedrine at multiple pharmacies during a four-month period of time.

A warrant was issued for his arrest Oct. 8. Bryant was arrested and booked into the Santa Rosa County this week for possession of a listed chemical with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance. He was given a $10,500 bond.