A 74-year old woman was charged with careless driving after pulling out of a grocery store parking lot in Pace on to Highway 90 Thursday night, causing an accident that sent three people to the hospital with injuries, according to a Florida Highway Patrol report.

Joy Walker, 74, was stopped in the Grocery Outlet parking lot in Pace, near Pace Patriot Boulevard. She pulled out of the parking lot, driving a 1995 Buick Limited.

Walker pulled across the road, in front of a 2003 Dodge Dakota that was heading east. The Dodge collided with the rear of the Buick as the 74-year-old woman crossed the lanes. The Buick spun around 90 degrees and came to rest in the median, facing west.

Walker was transported to Santa Rosa Medical with serious injuries.

Raymond and Nicholas Burch, the two passengers of the Dodge, were transported with minor injuries.

All parties were wearing seatbelts and alcohol was not determined to be a factor in the accident. FHP estimated the damage at $23,000.