A Pace man violated his probation and was charged with additional crimes after an ongoing dispute with a business client led to his arrest, according to a Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office report.

David Brignano, 45 of the 4800 block of Carlyn Drive, performed work cutting trees and landscaping for numerous customers on Morgan Ridge Drive, a subdivision off of Willard Norris Road.

In March, Brignano provided a client with an estimate on trimming trees. He advised the homeowner that there were four trees in the backyard that were diseased and should be cut down completely.

The client was quoted $1,400 for the job, with half up front, for rental of machinery. Brignano was presented a check for $700, which he cashed. He only trimmed trees in the front yard and did not touch the diseased trees in the backyard, according to the report.

Days later reports say the client inquired about stump grinding and fill dirt and seed-planting work. The client was quoted $1,600 for those services, with half of the cost up front, again. Brignano received a check for $800 in that case, and the diseased trees had not been touched.

A month later, Brignano had not completed the work, coming to an agreement with the homeowner. He requested the second half of the payment to complete the work. Brignano showed up with two employees who cut limbs off the trees and chopped off the tops. An employee cleaned up the limbs the following day, but no one showed up to complete the job. The client put a stop on the final check.

The tree cutter told deputies his wife was sick and the clients were aware of the situation. He was told to take care of her needs, first. He told authorities he was unable to work for six weeks due to the medical needs. When he returned to work, Brignano said he would be more than happy to resolve the situation by either finishing the work or refunding the client.

The client accepted the refund deal, stating they did not want Brignano back on their property. Deputies presented the man with a deadline to pay the client, but they did not receive any money.

A warrant was issued for his arrest. Brignano was arrested and charged this week on one count of larceny, two counts of fraud and violation of probation. He was given no bond as a result of the probation violation and remains in jail.