Monday --- 2:57 p.m.

Yes, good afternoon, this is Billy in Blackwater. I want everybody to know that the doe deer in the forest now have, on the average of two-week-old spotted fawns. Bow season comes in on Oct. 12, I believe.

These deer cannot forage for themselves when you kill the mama. A real sportsmen wouldn't kill a doe deer this time of the year. And real fox hunters wouldn't have a fox trial during the time that the does have babies, because the deer-running fox dogs are going to run them, too.

I don't know when FWC is going to get their act together, but the season---bow season, black powder season and dog/gun season---needs to come in for a shorter period of time, at the same time, and the FWC wouldn't have to deal with this stuff for a five-month hunting season.

It's ridiculous to kill a doe deer, or even run one with a dog this time of year. Real sportsmen would not do this. Thank you very much.


Tuesday --- 12:36 a.m.

Yeah, this is Raymond and I thank you for the opportunity to speak about what ever I want and that it is my opinion and thank you for that. And I'd like to say 90 percent of Congress are white Americans and they tend to hold this country in turmoil as though it just belongs to them and not all of the American people. I'll tell you, the reason why other countries really hate this country is because of what that 90 percent does and the way they do it and the other things that go on in this country as far as bigotry and hatefulness. It's a shame.


Wednesday --- 5:50 p.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby. The guy that called in about the educators wanting their money, he's a paraprofessional---well, I think it's the same guy that made the long call before. If he thinks that he can quit teaching and work at Walmart and make more money, he's not too educated. Thank you.