The Pace Patriots decided it was time to play football. After three straight loses, Pace easily defeated Washington High School in front of a packed stadium of Patriot supporters. Dominating the field with an electrifying 46-0 win over Washington, the Patriots have refocused and reunited to look ahead and the remainder of their season. Pace rushed for 437 yards against Washington which motivated the completion of seven touchdowns and conversions.  The defensive team for Pace has combined for 102 total tackles for the season, with 24 of those tackles against Washington.

Junior Quaide Weimerskirch is leading the Patriots in rushing with 854 yards for the season. Daniel Smyers, senior, has also been involved in balancing the Patriot attack.

The Patriots as a team have rushed for 1151 yards in their first four season games.  They have accomplished 14 touchdowns for the season with six kick points.

Pace is preparing for play action at Pine Forest and then back on their home turf against Ft. Walton Beach.