Last week, the Press Gazette reported on a truck that ended up in the side of Pace Assembly of God Church, with one injury that resulted in an ambulance transport to the hospital.

Two vehicle vs building accidents in recent weeks that we did not report on: a house on Anderson Lane and the Other Place gas station on the corner of Dogwood Dr. and Willard Norris Rd.

Before that, several people were injured in three different accidents involving vehicles and buildings Ė and sadly, one person was killed. Two of those accidents happened in Milton in the same day.

What is going on?

We honestly donít know but itís a little scary.

Unfortunately, we all know car crashes are a common occurrence in most areas. And when it comes to looking for commonalities in these vehicle vs building accidents, the only similarity is that most happened on major roadways: Stewart St. (two times); Hwy. 90; Dogwood Dr.; Anderson Lane, Berryhill Rd. Ė all busy roads. We are unsure what happened with the pickup truck vs Pace Assembly, but we were told at the scene that was actually the second time the building had been hit in nearly the same place - even more strange.

The causes seem to vary as much as the locations; from a driver charged with driving under the influence to a driver who had a major health incident and hit the side of Milton High Schoolís cafeteria the week before school started. Nothing in common.

Letís seeÖtwo churches have been hit; a school was struck; actually another house in Bagdad was struck before all of the ones mentioned here, so thatís two houses, two churches, a gas station, a vacant building, a brick building and a school.

It might have something to do with road design because actually, the one that hit the school went up the driveway like a ramp and gained momentum before it hit the cafeteria. Three people were injured that day, trapped in the car.

Itís really not a laughing matter. What it is, is odd.

Guess when you have so many structures and so many vehicles and so many roads, itís bound to happen.

All we can really say about this is to be careful, buckle up, donít drink and drive Ė and watch out for buildings that have the right-of-way.

Or think they do.