What began as a possible argument outside Ollie’s on Hwy. 90 in Milton, ended up with one man in jail, according to Sheriff’s reports.

Alexander Brousseau, 27, 5800 block of Elaine Ave., would not cooperate with deputies and took a threatening stance toward Deputy Danny Miller, according to the deputy’s report. Miller says Brousseau would not follow directions, yelling at the deputy and pushing him.

The report says the incident began when Brousseau, a six-foot-one-inch, 290-pound man approached the deputy. Miller advised him to back up, stating he would be with him in a moment. At that point, Brousseau began screaming that someone had a gun, pointing at the back patio of the establishment, according to Miller. The deputy says he eyed the crowd, but did not see any weapons.

According to the report, Brousseau took an aggressive stance and started to yell at the deputy. The man extended his arms out and stepped toward the deputy. He was then told to put his hands on the hood of the patrol car. Brousseau leaned against the car with his upper legs, but held his arms straight in the air.

Miller told the man he was being detained for his own safety, but Brousseau continued to disobey orders. As Miller attempted to place handcuffs on the man, Brousseau pushed away from the deputy.

Miller took Brousseau down to the ground and placed him in handcuffs after a brief struggle. He was placed into the back of the patrol car.

After arresting Brousseau, Miller says he looked into the allegations someone had a gun. After investigating, Miller said he could not determine anyone actually had a firearm.

Miller notes in his report, while transporting Brousseau to the Santa Rosa County Jail, the arrested man made several threats. When they reached the jail, the report says Brousseau continued to threaten the deputy.

Brousseau was charged with crimes against a person for threatening a public servant and resisting an