In late July of this year, Derrick Glen Estell was in jail in Garland County Arkansas. He escaped through a window and was seen on camera running out of the jail. It is believed he was assisted by his family and girlfriend. A national manhunt was underway.

On 8-22-13, the Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Office received a tip that Estell and his girlfriend Tamara Upshaw were possibly in Santa Rosa County.

Deputies quickly reviewed the information that was provided and formulated a strategy to locate the wanted couple. Deputies began to search an area where it was believed they were staying.

Deputies located an abandoned home in a wooded area near the intersection of Hwy 182 and Chumuckla Hwy. It was known to Law Enforcement that Estell was very dangerous and was known to be armed. Members of several units of the Sheriffs Office surrounded the home and ordered the suspects to come out. Estell and Upshaw came out of the home without incident. Estell is wanted in Arkansas for the following charges:




       Commercial burglary

       Aggravated robbery; possession of a firearm; theft of property $0/$5000; leave the scene of personal injury

       Residential burglary; fleeing; criminal mischief; resisting arrest.

       Escape 2nd Degree

       Aggravated robbery; theft by receiving of a firearm by certain persons (4 cts); fleeing

       Possession of a firearm by certain persons; commercial burglary; theft of property $0/$1000; criminal mischief

       Commercial burglary; criminal mischief

       Commercial burglary; theft of property $0/$1000; criminal mischief

       Commercial burglary (2 cts); criminal mischief; criminal mischief

       Theft by receiving $0/$1000


Estell and Upshaw are being held without bond. Extra precautions are in place at the Santa Rosa County Jail to ensure the security of Estell and Upshaw.

A link to the video of Estell's escape has been published at the end of the original stories on this website: