For the past year, Ray Stokes, a psychiatric technician at Lakeview Center, has been a lifeline for a 91-year-old woman who lives across the street from the unit where he works. Because of his faithful service to someone in need, Stokes is one of three people who recently received Lakeview’s Champion award.

Stokes began helping the nonagenarian after her son and caretaker suffered a stroke.  Now Stokes regularly checks on the woman, taking her shopping and to doctor’s appointments whenever needed. He also cooks for her during weekends, making sure she has enough to eat.

Also receiving Champion honors are two employees of Lakeview’s Families First Network: Elena Aldridge, a child welfare training manager, and Caprice Blizzard, an independent living coordinator for teenagers in foster care.

Aldridge was selected for her innovative ideas and in-depth knowledge of the child welfare system. Blizzard was selected for her extraordinary efforts on behalf teenagers preparing for life as independent adults.

The Champion Award recognizes Lakeview Center employees who have performed exceptional deeds or services on behalf of clients, co-workers or the community.