The area was plagued by several traffic accidents last week, keeping emergency crews busy with handling the injuries and dealing with the wreckage. Santa Rosa County Emergency Services Coordinator Brad Baker said it may be the rain causing the spike in motor vehicle accidents in the area, recently.

Logging truck jack-knifed on Magnolia Street

An log truck jack-knifed, tearing a telephone pole down with it, causing thousands of dollars worth in damage and knocking out telephone and internet services to local businesses, according to officials.

The unloaded log truck slid in the grassy shoulder of Magnolia Street early Tuesday morning, approaching Stewart Street. The tractor trailer entangled a telephone pole at the intersection. The collision snapped the base of the pole from its foundation. It remained suspended by the lines above, according to officials on scene. The truck leveled an utilities enclosure located on the ground near the pole.

The driver suffered no injuries as a result of the crash, according to police on scene. The man was informed that he had a suspended license. He was not arrested, as he said he was unaware of the suspension, reports say.

Officer Dewayne Smith of the Milton Police Department closed off a southbound lane of Stewart Street and Magnolia Street while officials scrambled to handle the situation. Smith said it took around 30 minutes to remove the tractor trailer from the area using a wrecker to remove the truck and clear the path of traffic.

Officials said there was no risk of electrocution, because the truck struck an under-build pole, with cable, telephone and internet services attached to it. The electrical lines were attached to a set of different poles, with the dangerous lines being much higher.

Curt Timm, Plant Contract Supervisor with AT&T, estimated the damage at around $2,000. He said the pole and cable would have to be replaced. Trucks were on scene later in the day, replacing the pole and restoring services. It was unknown how many customers were affected.

The incident marks the second log truck accident within the past three weeks. In late June, a log truck overturned, spilling pine logs on Dogwood Drive.

Three vehicles collide during rush hour

Three vehicles were involved in an accident, injuring one driver on Glover Lane near the intersection of Highway 90 Tuesday afternoon.

Local business owners and their clients stepped out to see what had just happened. They watched as traffic slowed to a trickle. Milton Police investigated the incident while Santa Rosa Sheriff's Deputies controlled the traffic while the scene unfolded.

There was significant damage on the passenger-side rear quarter panel of the Nissan, a white Toyota Prius with major front end damage and a gold Chevrolet Suburban suffered minor damage during the collision.

The driver of the grey Nissan pick-up truck that slammed into the ditch was transported to the hospital via ambulance, complaining of back pain. The other parties involved were treated on scene by EMS.

According to witnesses on scene, one of those involved in the collision had an appointment at a nearby salon. An employee at the salon called police after seeing the truck airborne.