A seven-foot alligator was spotted--and photographed--sunning on a log at Carpenter's Park Wednesday. And the photographer who captured the shot says the gator is not alone.

"I've seen as many as four sets of eyes at night in the water," says Allen Pegg, who lives on the Munson Hwy. side near Carpenter's Park.

"My main reason for contacting (the Press Gazette) is because people swim out there even though there are no swimming signs.

Pegg says he's lived in that location since 2005. He says there is a wet weather pond on the land across the water from his house - and the park. "I've been wanting to go over there and walk it," he says. "But it's not my property."

He says he is a fisherman and often goes out in his boat. "I saw a ten-footer. His head was about 14" wide." Pegg says he measured the alligator by comparing it to his own boat.

Pegg says he saw a four-foot gator in the water Thursday morning, noting it's not hard to spot them.

"There's never just one gator," he says.

Pegg has video of the gator going by his house Thursday. He says he was inspired to call the newspaper because swimmers ignore the signs to not swim and he rarely sees police make anyone get out of the water. He says he's hollered at swimmers not to be in the water around Carpenter's Park, but most times he is met with an obscene gesture.

Less than a week ago, near Tallhassee, ABC News is reporting two teens were bitten by a 10-foot alligator that was later killed. One boy lost the bottom half of his arm to the alligator, according to ABC News reports. One of the victims, Kaleb Towles, 15, was swimming in 3-foot-deep water "when the gator came out of nowhere".

The actual location of the attack was in the Caloosahatchee River in Moore Haven, Fla. Reports say the boy saw the alligator coming toward him and he grabbed the skin under the gator in an attempt to control him. The gator got a grip on the teen and rolled, pulling him under. Towles fought back, was dragged under again and came back up missing part of his arm.

In an attempt to prevent attacks like the one in Moore Haven, Milton Police Captain David Cox says patrol officers have been notified of the report and will be enforcing the "no swimming" diligently. In addition, the Florida Wildlife Commission will be notified. For updates, check: www.srpressgazette.com.