Monday, July 8th at 6 p.m. the Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots will present a very special program on Common Core.

Bill Bledsoe is well versed on this subject and will be presenting the many dangers of this program if our schools accept this. Here is just an example of the concerns about Common Core in our schools. Emmett McGroarty, a spokesperson for the American Principles Project, called Common Core a massive federal overreach at odds with the spirit of the Constitution — and one that went largely unnoticed for years.

“Our education system has gone through a radical transformation without the people or their elected representatives knowing this,” he said in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“[The states] had to commit to the standards before they were drafted.” Conservatives’ main concern is that Common Core will gradually erode states’ rights, stifle competition between school systems, and act as a backdoor for the Obama administration to get a left-leaning political agenda into the classroom.”

If Common Core is implemented in Florida schools your children/grandchildren will be impacted by it even if they are home schooled or are in private school. This will be one of the main issues that the SRTPP will work on in the 2014 session in Florida.

We will also hear from Mike Hill the newest member of the Florida House of Representatives from NW Florida. If you have not had a chance to congratulate Mike or if you have not met him, or...if you have some questions to ask about his position on certain issues, please attend this meeting.

The public is invited to attend this very informative meeting. If you have any questions, please call 994-7548.