Thursday - 12:13 p.m.


This is Jemere. You had a speak out on the 12th about the Munson School Closing.


If she's interested in knowing some stuff about that. Get someone to pull up, or pull up some letters to the editor from the following editions.

6-9-05 | 7-13-09 | 10-24-09 | 5-19-10 | 6-16-10 | 9-08-10 | 9-25-10 | 10-13-10 | 11-13-10


These are all the Press Gazette. Pull them up. If she can't find them---If she'll give me a call between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. at 675-0849, I'll send you copies. If anyone knows Mary, give her this message for me too, please.


Thursday 12:14 p.m.


Yeah, this is Bobby. I just wanted to thank you for running the same crossword again on the 12th that you ran on the 8th. It's a lot easier to work them the second time around. Thank you.


Thursday 8:42 p.m.


Hey, this is Dennis. I like target shooting with my .22 rifle. Before president Obama's second term in office, I could buy a 500-round block of .22 bullets from Walmart for $20. Since President Obama and the democrats have started their anti-gun push. I have seen that the price of guns and ammo has gone through the roof.


Ammunition is hard to find. I was looking in the Thrifty Nickel today, and a guy was asking $250 for a 500-round block of .22 bullets. Wow, $20 went to $250. I wonder if the democrats and President Obama bought large shares in the guns and ammo industry.


They have pushed gun and ammo profits through the roof. Thank you.


Friday 10:30 a.m.


Yeah, this is Bobby. I saw the head of the National Security Administration on TV the other day talking to congress. He was saying in Benghazi, that they didn't tell the special forces to stand down---which would mean do nothing. They told them to stay at the airport in Tripoli and help the wounded if they came in.


Well, to me, that sounds like if your house catches fire, you call the fire department, they say well, we can't help you put it out. But, if you make it out alive, come by the fire station and we'll give you some ointment for your burns. Thank you.


Friday 11:07 p.m.


Yes, this is Maria, here in Milton. I just heard a comment about the young man that sung the national anthem for the basketball team Thursday night, for the Miami Heat in Texas. And I don't believe what the people say. It's disgusting. And you know what, the boy have a beautiful voice. God gave him the grace to sing for the country.


Ten years old. Sebastian De La Cruz. All because he dressed up like a mariachi. Maybe he want to dress up like Osama Bin Laden and maybe nobody say anything.

But it was mariachi, right. Anybody can wear what they want.


In America, you do whatever you want to do. You free. Free. As long as you don't insult anybody and as long as you don't slander anybody. In America, you can do whatever. I say, the boy had the grace of God. He sing to all of us the national anthem and he did a beautiful job.


God Bless you, De La Cruz. And the state of Texas, they are honored to have you doing that. I hope we see you again doing the same thing. And I didn't see anyone putting the hand over the heart. And show the love and respect of America. Look at the players, they had the band on the head. It looked ridiculous.


Saturday 7:44 a.m.


Yeah, this is Bob. There's an article this morning in the Saturday paper, June 15th, about the cameras at red lights. It's a well known fact now that the state of Florida allowed cities to use a very minimum setting on these amber lights. That means that the time was very short---that would shorten the time for people to get through the intersection, thus more tickets would be written.


It was reported that these camera were about safety. Recent legislation has made it a lot more difficult for cities to make money off these things. Maybe they'll go away. Safety, if you believe that one, I've got some waterfront property I'd like to sell you. Thank you and have a good day.


Saturday - 2:03 p.m.


In regard to the Press Gazette's front page article on mold and schools, a couple of points. The CYBS crowd---that's the cover your backside crowd---will go into full mode because they can't afford to tell the truth.


All you have to do is open up vent in one of the places. And if it's black inside the air conditioning vent, doesn't it make sense that black is mold and it's blowing out in the school room, or other government buildings?


For instance, I took a sample of this myself to the Santa Rosa County health department right near Milton High School. And I was told that they were not allowed to test for mold. Neither they, nor the state prohibit the test of mold. Wonder why that is. That could be checked out now by somebody at the Press Gazette, now. Just go ride down there and ask.


So, watch out for them folks. They going to duck and bob and weave as much as they can. Good bye.