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Buy land to build a house with enough room for my hubby, my children, and my Grandma. Then a home from my mom and dad's house and bill off before going to New York, Japan, Washington state, Cali, and then switch to part time work. - Jessica Janes.


Buy my own island. - Karla Burt Petrie


Go part time at work then build my husband and I a house. Build the inlaws a new house, new cars for us and vacation. Help the families at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. -Tiffany Locke


I would donate to a couple of local churches, plus various charities, pay off old personal debts tenfold, take care of close friends and family. Might even buy the ex-wife a brand new Camaro, then take my son, buy a nice spread of land and live the rest of my life in peace - Robert Holster


Invest and open up a private school in Santa Rosa County so Catholic is not by themselves. - Mark Patterson.


I would give most of it away, but I would take some fabulous vacations with family and friends. i would also invest in additional therapies to help my autistic son. - Daphne Mitchell