Sunday, 10:20 a.m.
Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I live in Avalon Beach. Iíve really become concerned about the amount of speed limit signs on Del Monte. A lot of people consider this a private freeway. We have children who live right on corners within 20 feet of the road. Iíve gone and complained to the sheriff; Iíve even asked for a speed limit sign. Nobody will cooperate in doing that because they just figure ďOh, itís unincorporated Milton. You know, we just canít volunteer our time and effort for them. I need to remind them, there are children who live right on Del Monte. It really scares me. And finally, someone did put a sign up. I just hope thereís more of them.

Monday, 4:08 p.m.
This is Margie. I live in Avalon Beach. Why doesnít Milton have a shelter for the homeless people? I do not understand why. Thank you. Bye.

Wednesday, 9:29 a.m.
Happy New Year, Santa Rosa County. Well, they passed the bill so we wouldnít go over that fiscal cliff. But we still got rid of Bushís tax cuts. Thatís what Obama wanted. He wanted everyone to quit saying it was Bushís tax cuts. wants to go with his Obama tax cuts, just like Medicare and everything else. Now we got Obamacare. Next youíll hear Obama tax cut because heís gonna have to do something because social security taxes went up, everything else went up, payroll taxes went up. My first paycheck of 2013 had a $10 increase in it. Mmmmm, thatís what, $260 a year in new taxes for me, and I donít make but $12,000 a year. So good luck, Santa Rosa. May God bless you in 2013.

Wednesday, 3:10 p.m.
This is Ian. I wanna thank our president for giving the Congress and Senate a raise. He OKíd it, and I hope heíll mess around and give our milk a $7 a gallon raise on it. Iíd sure appreciate that. And I wonder what else heís gonna do to hurt the little man anymore. Bye.