A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Santa Rosa resident accused of shooting a dog and then dragging the animal for almost two miles under a vehicle.

Officials have not released the identity of the person sought by law enforcement, but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issued a statement saying a warrant had been sought and was issued recently.

The action came about after a Dec. 10 report from a man living on Indian Ford Road. The complainant told an FWC officer one of his dogs had been missing since the day before. It looked like the dog had escaped from a fenced-in yard. The man found a dead dog near Munson Highway and Indian Ford Road but told officials the dog’s collar was missing.

Santa Rosa County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene after an investigation by an FWC officer. Reports say it was apparent the dog had been shot in the leg and dragged down the road, though it did not appear the dog was dragged with a chain around its neck.

A blood trail in the road at Cabin Lane was believed to have come from the animal. The dead dog was found about 50 yards away from where the trail ran off the road.

Sheriff’s reports say a preliminary inspection of the dog revealed, “a gunshot wound near the right front leg” and severe damage
to the body, indicating dragging. A deputy estimated the dragging might have gone on for more than two miles.

A Santa Rosa Animal Control officer removed the animal’s body from the scene. Evidence was obtained at the roadside, and a felony warrant for animal cruelty was sought.

The suspect had not been identified publicly or arrested yet at press time.