PENSACOLA – Baptist Health Care will hold the grand opening of The Core Wellness Center on Jan. 3, 2013. 

Healthy Lives is a partnership between Baptist Health Care and employers in the community to create healthier, happier and more productive workforce as well as provide a solution to the challenge of rising health care costs. The Core is a comprehensive wellness facility for participants of the program.

The Healthy Lives model includes health care claims analytics, comprehensive screening services and health coaching to help enhance the health culture of businesses involved. It’s a user-friendly program that provides employees access to their electronic medical records to manage and maximize their health.

The wellness center will be opened to all Baptist Health Care team members as well as employees from participating employers in the Healthy Lives program powered by Baptist Health Care. The Core will offer services such as nutrition, diabetes and smoking cessation classes, various fitness classes, cooking classes and general health education. In addition, the center will consist of an interactive wellness lounge, a functional fitness gym, a teaching kitchen and health educational resources gallery.

“As a nation that’s focusing on the importance of healthy school lunches and recess, we feel that adults need the same education about healthy choices. We are taking the same principles, and applying them to the work environment,” states Meghan McCarthy, MPH MBA, director of Healthy Lives. “We wouldn’t expect our children to be successful when they sit for eight hours per day and choose unhealthy options for lunch, but it happens everyday in the work environment.”

Healthy Lives is the positive force in making these changes in partnership with Baptist Health Care to make our community healthier.

For more information about Healthy Lives, call 850.469.5036.

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