Okay Santa Rosa and America:

The time is now to take back our government, and this is not about Obama.

Congress is paid and has a health benefit package far better than what we can get and a salary for life. Well it is time "we the people" tell Congress that we want to dictate what they are paid and the benefits they will receive.

First each state should pay their own state senators and representatives by a vote of the state. And the President should be paid by a vote of the state governors.

The benefits also should be by the states and that way they can't vote on their pay and or benefits. Also any tax that is imposed on their constituents applies to them.

They will pay Social Security and Medicare, and into the State Retirement System where they reside. Also they will pay into their insurance plan 20% for average insurance and 30% for high option.

No more free rides.

When they are voted out of office then they receive no more pay, unless they have reached retirement age and then they should receive the same amount as a person who word for the state, no more 100% pay.

The way a state would pay for this will be taken by one percent of federal money collected by the state and that state can use that money for payroll of elected and staff employees and benefits.

Any extra money given back to the federal government is to pay off any debt and COLA for state staff and can't be used for anything else.

The staff for the elected official will come from his or her state and will be paid with the same fund and they will be employed by the state and will pay the same as an employee of the state.

Now the ones that goes to Washington will be paid a COLA by Washington and that money can come from the money the states give back as extra. This is only for the staff, not the elected official.

The state shall provide houses for the elected official in Washington and his or her family. Any damage will come out of the officials pay.

Also a vehicle that is made in America will be issued to use in Washington and may be used to go to the store and work, but can't be used for trips.
Next no more lobbyist for special interest, they can't give money or special deals to our Representatives and Senators for a vote. Any money collected or deals made will be against the law and the Representative or Senator will be placed out of office and the state will replace them with a person of the same party or an independent.

The state can prosecute that official for not representing his state, but representing special interest. The group itself will be banned from Washington for eight years before they can come back and talk to any Representative or Senator.

This way our Representatives will listen to their constituents. That means no more bribes, zero percent interest loans, trips, vacations, money, cars, but they can receive pens, note pads, coffee cups or anything else as long as it doesn't exceed $25 in value.

They are there for the states best interest not for lobbyists.

This way we are in control and they can no longer vote on their pay and benefits and that means one less thing they have to worry about. We will know what they get and we can feel that maybe they can do what is best for the states they represent.

This is just a drop, but it will cut the deficit because the state can't use the money for anything else and any extra has to go to the deficit of the nation.
Agree or disagree. It is time that we do something. Feel free to copy and send. It is time "we the people" to stand and say enough is enough...no more.

Gene Broxton
Pace, Fla.

The New South

Even a casual look at the red/blue voting in the election just recently shows we are a divided country.

Why not proceed as follows.

Have the original 11 southern state to form a "New South "country.

Based on this election, allow areas such as South Florida to stay with their kind. Also border countries such as Northern Virginia to stay as they are.

Accept after a large percentage agreement by voter approval to accept as part of a "New South" the border areas of Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

After this is done, allow connected states to the above (such as Indiana) to come join this "New South"

We could use the current Constitution as a base with term limits on politicians and judges. Also a following of the Commerce clause, which has been trashed by the current politicians. No current politicians are allowed in the "New South" government as they are the cause of our current problems.

Hopefully, "New South" states will strongly suggest only one legislative body to save money and cut the babble as Nebraska has done.
We of course could assist those to move North, who don't want to live in the "New South."

W.O. Jones
Jay, Fla.

More needed for firemen

With all due respect the fireman's park is nice, but falls short of the honor of the Milton Fire Department, which was a part of so many people's lives for so many years.

The historical monument in the center of the park should be moved to a more suitable location in order to get the most use out of the available space. An architect should be hired to draw up plans to design a four sided monument, with the base of the structure shaped similar to a church steeple.

In order not to leave out a name of anyone who served at the fire department, from the fireman, volunteers, junior firemen, secretary, etc., there would be room for all the names on it.

I humbly suggest Chief Reble, with the names of all who severed from the day he became chief till they moved to the new station to be on the side as you enter the park.

The side of the monument facing south, Chief Bud Densmore and all who served under his leadership being mindful of the fact names will be repeated.

The side of the monument facing east, Chief J.D. Cumbie who served for 20 years and if space is available all who served under his leadership.

The side facing north, Chief Harvey Chavers, the three firemen who served with him - Rufus Brewer, Pee Wee Elison, and Bud Johnson. The rest of the crew was volunteers. That may be the most suitable place to list all volunteers as well as junior firemen.

The top of the monument I humbly suggest a scale model (replica) of the Milton Fire Department. If that is requesting too much, then pictures of the department facing all four directions.

I'm mindful of the fact the present day economy is bad, but I feel confident the funds will be available for such a worthy project.

It would be nice to build a neat metal roof or shed over the monument to protect it from the elements and for years to come.

Visitors of the park could look over the names and proudly say that was my dad, uncle, etc.

I still request a nice picnic table for those who sat with their families so many times for a snack or visitors with a metal roof so they can reminise.

Marion Cumbie
Milton, Fla.