Another person’s trash could be your treasure.

This weekend, Flea Across Florida is returning to Highway 90.

The 272-mile yard sale that starts in Live Oak allows vendors and yard sale enthusiasts to set up booths along historic Highway 90 and at local flea markets to sell their goods.

Anyone that has items to sell can participate in this event.

The event is being held this Friday through Sunday all along Highway 90.

Originally, the 272-mile flea market was only held once a year in September. The event was held in the spring for the first time back in April because of its growing popularity.

Dealers like the Copper Possum in East Milton, and the Pea Ridge Flea Market in Pea Ridge are packed during the three-day sale. Sales usually run from sun up to sun down.

Several hotels and motels across Highway 90 are offering special rates for those participating or travel-shopping in the Flea Across Florida.

Kim Macarthy the owner of Copper Possum Antique Mall in East Milton said that shoppers are usually seen shopping up a storm during the event.

Originally, Flea Across Florida was held once a year, but Macarthy said that the event grew in popularity, and they decided to hold it twice a year.

“I’ve been wanting for something like this to happen for years,” Macarthy said. “It really helps out the local economy.”

Particularly the downtown economy Macarthy said.

Alyssa Schepper, the owner of Alyssa’s Antique Depot on Chumuckla Highway in Pace said that the event has already maxed out her booth rentals for this Saturday.

“We are at our max right now,” Schepper said.

Schepper started participating in Flea Across Florida last fall, and said that crowds do pick up during the busy weekend, but mostly the out-of-towners.

“It definitely drew people from out of town,” Schepper said. “(In the past) we had a lot of people say this is their first time in the area, and that they would back.

“I did hear someone (at past Flea Across Florida) say they were from Jacksonville, and one from Tampa. There were several people that came from Alabama.”

Macarthy said she opens her doors early during the Flea Across Florida event and rents out booth outside of her store on Highway 90 near the old Addies Restaurant building.

Organizers like Macarthy are still seeking participants to take part in this event. Individuals, church groups, civic groups, and businesses are encouraged to participate in the sale. Items to be sold can range from garage sale items to retail items, as well as arts and crafts.

Alyssa Schepper with Alyssa’s Antique Depot would not return phone calls from the Press Gazette as of press time.

Alyssa’s Antique Depot in Pace and the Copper Possum Antique Mall in Milton will be handling registration for the Milton and Pace areas. For more detailed information or to register, please contact Kim Macarthy (Copper Possum Antique Mall) at 554-3906 or Alyssa Schepper (Alyssa’s Antique Depot) at 994-9114.