Friday afternoon the Santa Rosa Press Gazette received calls concerning the flag at the Milton Post Office flying like any other day.

Apparently the person who put the flag out forgot Friday was the 71st anniversary of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor.

This attack led us to fight World War II in two separate military theaters.

Here are some of the comments we received after posting the photo.

Jerry C. Cummings, I think flying the flag at half mast is appropriate and patriotic. How soon we forget our dramatic history and the lives that Americans lost defending our once great country. I suppose the post office feels it's no longer necessary to show love of country and that is very sad.

Kelly Ryan, Doesn't matter to me either way. If people choose to lower their flags to half mast, well, good for them. But if they choose not to, oh well.

Gerry Swetsky, I thought the Post Office flew the flag every day.

Marsha Fuqua, Those responsible for the flag at places like the post office, should take that responsibility to heart and know what days the flag should be at half mast - otherwise, I feel they are being disrespectful to the 2,390 service members that lost their life on this day in 1941!

Robert Holster, Jerry it is too bad that the post office doesn't honor those who paid the ultimate price while serving their country.

Alexis DeSimone Griffee, Total disrespect to not have the flag at half mast today! Have we forgotten our own history so soon? Apparently we have forgotten history (or never bothered to learn it) judging from a couple of the comments above. Today is the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked. We are supposed to take time to pray for and remember those lost that day, and all throughout the war today. Just a quick lesson for those that slept through history class.

AlvaJo Allen, I think all USA flags should be flown at half mast today. The vicious attack on Pearl Harbor should never be forgotten. They fly the flags at half mast on 9/11, don't they? Any attack on our land should be remembered with a great deal of reverence especially when Americans die. Texas I noticed has honored Pearl Harbor by flying their Texas flag at half mast.

Robert Holster, Also some people think they are entitled without having the appreciation of the sacrifice that gave them that right.

AlvaJo Allen, But then Texas is a very special state.

Alexis DeSimone Griffee, Honestly, I'd rather see them not fly the flag at all if they can't handle respecting and flying it properly. It's just as shameful as businesses that fly faded or torn flags.

Marsha Fuqua, Did you ask the post office? Did the conversation start something like, "We'd like to speak to the ignorant person that was mistakenly given the honor of overseeing the flag."

Donna Walsh, Shame shame on the Milton U.S. Post Office. I wonder if someone has to tell 'em to take lunch every day

Connie Perry Spencer, They should have lowered the flag!

Adam McCarty, How many of you actually know what days to fly the flag at half mast?

Mato Simmons, Who cares it's flying that's good enough. America stop crying over everything.

Robert Holster, It's about remembering our fallen servicemen, it's about keeping their memories alive. It's giving them the honor they deserve. Unlike some people who are in a high up position, or their spouse who fail to place their hands over their hearts or raise hell over "a damn flag" I choose to pay homage to those who gave that right to me. I didn't show my butt and demand it, this country doesn't owe me anything, but we all owe them something for what they did: give up their one and only life for their country!

Michelle Gross, A Federal agency should know when to fly half mast.

Jeannine Martel Mosely, they say never forget! One Day 9/11 will also be forgotten by many too.

Phyllis Williams Blazier, Just so sad! Amen to many comments above. We should never, never, never forget that day or 9-11 either. Unfortunately too many do and just don't get it.