Dog Attack

Today I went to the mailbox and was attacked by my neighbor’s dog.

This dog has no tags and has attacked my third neighbor’s children and her and their dog.  The dog is half Great Dane and half Pit Bull.

I called animal control and was told unless the dog bites my neighbors or me there was nothing I could do.

My dog has tags. But they have been called on my dog, which has tags, because she in not on a leash.

I cannot let her out without a leash, but this dog is free to do whatever it wants.

How is that fair? How is it legal?

The owner has been told by me to keep the dog on a chain because of this and he does not.

I have lived here for 20 years.  The owner of the property Lonnie Joiner dose not care want happens here. 

If I kill the dog then I will face charges of animal cruelty. So how do I get any justice?

If my dog was running around and trying to bite people I would be in court.

Why isn't this neighbor?

Cindy Edmonds

Milton, Fla.



Christmas Parade

It's that time of year again when all the drunks descend on the quite community of Chumuckla! The once fun time enjoyed by the local people has turned into a nightmare. The parade held once a year was, at one time just family fun along with some games and peaceful conversation with neighbors.

But all this ended when someone decided there was money to be had. Now the families that live along Hwy 182 have to put up with loud music, loud trucks most of the night, bright lights, people walking up and down the road drinking and blocking the locals in there own home.

The deputies assigned to the parade must just be there to keep the drunks from killing one another. At any other time someone sitting or walking along a public road drinking alcohol would be arrested. This must be the work of Satan in an otherwise mostly Christian community.

The thing that we all must understand is this is as good as it gets for those that are doing the bidding of the Devil, those that are lost in their own sin. When this life is over there will nothing for them but eternal torment and the fires of HELL!

Mark 8:36, "

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

E. R. McCormick

Chumuckla, Fla.



Two birds with one stone

Many remember the tragedy when Eric Smallridge, drinking and driving, was responsible for two girls' deaths, about nine or 11 years ago. I want to share an update.

God use Renee Napier, mother of one of the girls, to start the ball rolling. Eric received 22 years. The girls' families pleaded for his verdict to be served concurrently rather than consecutively.

To forgive is divine, the essence of Christianity. They discovered the Word of God is perfect converting the soul making wise the simple (Psalm 19). Hard knocks taught Eric that drinking and driving lead to destruction. The Bible warns against drinking. God's Word transformed Eric's life. Both families discovered the Holy Spirit comforts no matter what the circumstances.

The world gets "two birds with one stone." God gets oodles with the Rock, Jesus Christ. For example, the doctor in prison (gave Eric "a sliver of hope"). The father (a lawyer skeptical of religion), the judge (in awe" of victims' families gave Eric a chance to make a difference), and potentially many who heed advice to not drink and drive!

Smallridge and Napier make presentations to students, schools, etc.

Real Christians know and serve an "awesome" God!

Christians who won't, can't forgive miss the whole point of Christ's sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. Christ commands we forgive or we'll not be forgiven.

Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. It's Christmas tree, not holiday tree.

Happy Hanukkah to you Jewish brethren too. God bells us all as only He can.

Chrys Holley

Milton, Fla.