I am not a fan of 3D movies. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I wish they would go away. That said, The Life of Pi is a 3D experience that should not be missed

The 3D effects in The Life of Pi are not really effects at all, in my opinion. They are part of the movie. Director Martine Scorsese refers to 3D as “another color to the film”. Then he won the Oscar for best cinematography and art direction in his recent 3D film Hugo. I couldn’t agree with this mastermind any more in his regards to 3D shooting. I believe what Scorsese is trying to get at is, 3D shouldn’t be a novelty toy in filmmaking. It should not just jump at you every now and then in a “HAHA,I’M 3D, LOOK AT ME” fashion. It should, however, be another layer to the film and, perhaps, actually add something to the film. The Life of Pi more than accomplishes this.   

Now I am emotional and a filmmaker so when I say some of the shots in this movie brought me to tears, it may be due just to that. Combine the stunning cinematography with the magnificent color and the awesome 3D and I become an emotional wreck. There is this one camera shot… we see Pi, played by Suraj Sharma. He is under water, camera shooting from behind him. We see as he spots a ship filled with current life and soon-to-be-past life sinking into the abyss of the ocean. The shot is powerful. The film is filled with shots that force emotion from viewers.

The Life of Pi is replete with one-liners -  there to make you question your life and what its “secrets” are.  In the end, we’re left expressing the idea that life is all about knowing how to let go and knowing how to say goodbye. Literature lovers will have ball with the ideas and ideals in these statements.

The is a religious undertone throughout the film. Pi cries out to God several times in a Biblical -type fashion. Still, I would not consider this a religious movie. That being said, I appreciate the film for being more than just what anything might appear on the surface. Pi has an interesting take on religion and makes it even more of a personal conquest. The movie hits on religion in a way that is not annoying or in-your-face. Rather, the film simply takes the viewers on an interesting journey Pi struggles to discover what  it is he believes in.

For the kids: Yes, for sure. It’s not only a beautiful movie for them to ooh and aah at, but also a movie with adventure to which every child will relate.

Teens and college age: Yes, for... This age group will have a few tears of joy when they finally see a 3D movie done right.

Adults: Yes, indeed. For an adult, this movie will more than likely wring out the emotion so bring a tissue and an open mind.

When you watch this movie, see it in 3D. I know the tickets are expensive, but it will be worth every penny. For a rating, I give this movie 10 out of 10 Bengal Tigers. The most freighting rating I have given so far. I give it this rating because no movie recently has made me FEEL as much as this one did. This movie truly takes the viewer on an emotional roller coaster. That’s what I like and I’m wagering you will, too.